Shot By Kern

Shot by Kern is a web series which follows artist Richard Kern as he photographs women in various states of undress. After becoming friends with Kern via our collaborations for Vice magazine, I suggested to him that I come along on his shoots with a one-person camera crew in tow. We would capture the interaction between Richard and his models. At the end of each shoot, I’d interview the woman who’d been photographed that day. The goal was to respectfully, candidly, and deeply talk about their feelings regarding their bodies, sexuality, relationships, culture… lots of things. Then I’d talk to Kern as well, getting his feelings about each shoot and model, and also cumulatively putting together his life story over the course of the episodes. I conceived, produced and directed Shot By Kern up until I resigned from Vice in December, 2010. There may be new episodes in the future, but I am no longer involved.

Sasha Grey

This is the only professional adult film performer that I featured on Shot By Kern. Sasha kind of stands apart from the rest of the industry.


Gina & Leah

This was the first time that we shot two girls at the same time. In this case, it was two British best friends on vacation in New York.



Armida self-identifies as a “Gold Star,” which is a lesbian who has never been with a man in any way, shape, or form.



This was a strange and fun one because Kern and I had to sneak in and out of Jenny’s parents’ suburban home, where she was spending a vacation from college, while they were at work.